January 7th, 2010 § 4 comments

When my car got hit, it wasn’t the end of the world because I’d bought a motorbike just a few days before. This is something I’ve been meaning to do for ages, so I’m glad I’ve actually got round to it. To give you some sort of idea – I was buying kit around this time last year, having done the CBT the previous September. I took a leisurely approach to doing lessons (and was busy)and finally took the test in July.

I’d originally planned to go for a Suzuki SV650, but it turned out that I’m the wrong size so my knees ended up in an awkward place on the petrol tank. After trying a few different bikes, I settled on this Honda CBR600F. It’s nice. It also looks good, unlike a significant proportion of the others I’d seen where the designers had decided that it’d be a good idea to see just how many colour clashes they could fit onto a single bike. Amazingly, this is the only photo I have of it.

Peak power (that’s actual power, not power to weight ratio) is more than my car was, which is a bit daunting, but that’s a 11,000 rpm and it’s pretty sensible at lower revs.

I’ve ridden a reasonable amount now, but nothing too interesting – mostly just going to work and back because, again, I’ve been too busy on weekends.

The sad thing is, of course, that it’s been locked up for almost two months now. Never mind riding on ice, I just don’t want it to go anywhere near the nasty salt that’s on the roads.

Roll on spring time!

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  • plumsie says:

    If peak power is higher than your car then the power to weight ratio will be massive by comparison. That was what I always loved about having a motorbike, the power to weight ratio giving the amazing acceleration.

    11,000 revs isn’t high though, my KR-1S reved to 19,000 and cruised at about 9-11,000 rpm.

    You are making me want a bike again.

  • plumsie says:

    Just spotted on the photo, your exhaust is an aftermarket replacement which woukd increase power but a lot of them, akrapovic in particular are not road legal and will fail the MOT on your bike for you.

    Might be worth checking yours is road legal.

  • Roger says:

    Yeah, the acceleration is quite something. I didn’t mean that 11,000 was particularly high, just that you can ride at lower power by not pushing the revs.

    It has a red line of 13,500, which is fairly average for this sort of bike by what I’ve seen – around 14,000 is pretty normal. 19,000 is pretty damn high!

    End can is something by MHP, but I can’t see any other details. It certainly doesn’t sound too loud. It did go through the mot just before I got it, so I *presume* it’s ok.

  • Clurb says:

    *shakes head*

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