ralcalc version 1.4.2

What is ralcalc?

ralcalc is a simple command line calculator designed to take a single line input and produce a result. I also have it installed as the "=" command for even quicker access.

For example:

= 2*9
2*9 = 18

Both the input and output make use of SI prefixes (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SI_prefix) for easier input and reading of results. Only the common engineering prefixes that are powers a multiple of three are used, so G, M, k, m, u, n, etc.

Numbers of the style 1e-3 are also supported for input.

Version information can be shown with:

= -h
ralcalc -h

See also the man page:




Distro packages:

Operators, Functions and Constants

= 2^.5
2^.5 = 1.41421

= 1/_
1/_ = 707.107m


Anything within brackets [] or () is processed first. Within brackets, the order or precedence is ^, * /, + -.

Bugs / Requests

Either contact me directly (see the bottom of the page), or else head to launchpad to submit a new bug report or see existing ones.


1.4.0 (20110825) (20100212)

1.3.2 (20090623) (20090602) (20090601) (20090307)

1.3.1 (20090107)

1.3.0 (20081218)

1.2.4 (20081114)

1.2.3 (20080916)

1.2.2 (20080915)

1.2.1 (20080718)

1.2.0 (20080609)

1.1.0 (20080601)

1.0.1 (20080322)

1.0 (20080322)








This code is licensed under GPL licence. See the COPYING file in the download for more information.

Version Numbers

ralcalc version numbers are constructed like so: x.y.z[.t], where: X is the major version number and a change in this represents a significant and probably incompatible change in functionality. Y is the minor version number and a change represents a general change in functionality. Z is the revision number and represents a change to the code that doesn't introduce new features - so most likely bug fixes. The optional t number is used to indicate string updates when new translations become available for existing versions.


ralcalc was written in C by Roger Light to fulfill his own needs. He knows that there are other languages that are better suited to this kind of thing, but he isn't really bothered about that.

Questions/suggestions should be directed to roger_atchoo_org. Replace the _ with @ and . respectively.