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7th-8th July, Wolverhampton, UK
40 speakers, hundreds of people, exhibition, live LugRadio recording -- be there!
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This is a re-recording of the Freedom March, a promotional video for LugRadio Live 2007. If you've not seen the original, go watch it first! That's where the inspiration, words and website design come from. This video pokes fun at the LugRadio presenters, but it's not intended to offend. I'm sure I'll suffer more for it anyway...

If you like it, come and tell me at LugRadio Live.

Cheers, Roger (oojah)

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The One Man Freedom March was performed by Roger Light. The movie music is Sorrow, from Dj Fab's Ocean Dreams album, used under a CC licence. This site's background image is of Freedom Tunnel, Manhattan, taken by Pro-Zak and used under a CC licence. Excellent detection stuff by plugin_js and SWFObject. The text of The Freedom March concept, text and some video elements are from and used under a CC-Attribution licence. Web page design gratuitously ripped from the same. This video is under a CC-Attribution licence.